Procedure for the Attestation from IBCC, HEC and (MOFA) Foreign Office Pakistan

Procedure for the Attestation from IBCC, HEC and (MOFA) Foreign Office Pakistan

Procedure for the Attestation from IBCC, HEC and Foreign Office Pakistan
By Waleed Zafar

I went through some degree attestation procedures recently, and I thought I should share the
requirements and procedures here, so that it may help the concerned. First of all note that Certificates of
SSC (Matriculation) and HSSC (FSc) are attested from IBCC and higher degrees (Bachelor’s Degree
+Transcripts) are attested from HEC.

Step 1: How & where to start the procedure.
For IBBC attestation you need attested copies of your SSC+HSSC certificates from your respective Boards
(In my case it was BISE-RWP). It will take maximum 3 days. However federal board takes only one day.
Things that you need to take with you; your original degrees of SSC+HSSC, Attested photocopy of your
CNIC, and 2 photocopies of your SSC and HSSC certificates each.
1. BISE-RWP has recently shifted to Morgah. When you get there directly go to HBL board branch
and get the challan form the window. I guess it was window no. 1.
2. Then get the application form the window which is very next to Bank window.
3. Fill it completely. It will be in Urdu, so it must not be a big deal.
4. Note that you don’t need attestation for “beroon-e-mulk’ for which they will charge you about
1600 PKR. 1570 to be precise, but I got my docs attested in October 2013, no idea how much they
charge now. Keep in mind IBCC only needs the proof that your degrees are original. And you won’t
be needing board attestation in future.
5. So, Just go for “Androon-e-mulk tasdeeq” for which fees is just 570 PKR. Mention it on your
application form.
6. Submit the fees 570+570= 1140 PKR.
7. Then go to next window and submit the documents. Get your depositor’s slip back. Your reference
no. will be mentioned on it.
8. After 3 days you can collect your documents on showing reference number. Original degrees of
SSC and HSSC and their photocopies. They will keep one set of photocopies.
Note: Procedure is almost same for other Boards.

Step 2: IBCC Attestation
Documents Required: Original SSC+HSSC degrees. Attested photocopies of both (that you have just got
from your respective board), Original + photocopy of your CNIC.
1. Visit IBCC office (in-front of Federal Board) which is located in H-8/4. Try to reach as early as
2. Stand in a row progressing towards IBCC window.
3. Get a Challan form and IBCC form, from that particular window. Don’t bother yourself with the
window of Federal board Concerns. Note that you don’t need to download and bring filled IBCC
form with you. They will provide you one. Just fill in with black pen.
4. You need to submit 200 PKR for each original and 100 for each copy. IBCC also has a branch of
5. Fill in the challan form and submit the fees in HBL IBCC branch.
6. Fill in the IBCC form.
7. Then submit your documents at the very same window (Obviously dobara line mn lgna pre ga).
8. You can collect your degrees on the very next day after 11 am.
9. Or you can get ‘em the day after tomorrow at any time. (Recommended)
I recommend not to visit IBCC on Thursdays or Fridays.

Step 3: HEC Attestation
Documents Required: Original Degree for verification (By degree I mean Bachelors or higher), SSC and
HSSC Certificates for verification and NOT Mark Sheets. Provisional certificate (Optional and not
recommended), Photocopies of CNIC.
For HEC attestation you don’t require any other attestation but you need to present your original degrees
or certificates of Matric and FSc for just verification. First of all you have to fill in a form online
( for degree attestation. You will have to provide your CNIC number which would be
your username on that website, for your application. Always remember your password because you can't
make another account and password recovery isn't easy on that website.
Once you have filled the form, select a date and time on which you wish to go to the HEC office for
attestation. Now it looks convenient, but the issue is, you don't get free slots. When I filled the form, I
wasn't able to get free slot even after 2 weeks as all the slots were reserved. After getting an appointment
and token, you just have to take all the required documents there and have to submit them.
Now there is another way which is more convenient. And I will strongly recommend that.
1. Register yourself on the official website of HEC. But do not get an appointment.
2. Appear the HEC office very next day after the submission of Certificates (HSSC+SSC) in IBCC. HEC
office is located in H-9 (Very near to IBCC)
3. Try to reach as early as possible. Let’s say 7am.
4. Note that you don’t haven’t collected your SSC+HSSC certificates from IBCC yet.
5. And you also don’t have an appointment. Get the token and you will be sent to Computer Lab to
fill in the form. Mention the degrees and number of photocopies you want to be attested. Fees is 800 PKR per original Degree (BSc or Higher) or transcript and 500 PKR per photocopy (In my case
I had one Bachelor’s degree, one Transcript, 2 photocopies of both. So I paid 800+800+500+500
= 2600 PKR). Printout the Application form along with Challan form and get out of the Lab.
6. Reason behind “as early as possible” story is that HEC issues only 250 tokens a day for those who
visit without appointment. And Voila! You have just secured a Token.
7. Next step is to go towards verification window which is no. 2. But as you don’t have your SSC+HSSC
certificates yet. So take a chill pill till 11am.
8. Leave the HEC and reach the IBCC no later than 11am. Take a cab or something. Or just go by foot.
Its just a 20 mins walk.
9. Collect your documents from IBCC and get back to HEC.
10. Now go to window no. 2 when your token number is called. In case your number is skipped simply
walk to that window and tell them, they will call you again.
11. Now you are on window no. 2. Officer will verify your originals and photocopies and will allow you
to submit the fees.
12. There is a Bank window next to it. Submit the fees
13. Attached remaining copies of your challan form with the application form.
14. Proceed towards window no. 4 and submit all of your documents. (and fell halka phulka)
15. You are done for now. Go to Khokha near HEC, have some samosas pakoras.
16. They will start returning documents on the same day after 4pm. Collect ‘em.

Step 4: Foreign Office Attestation (MOFA)
Documents Required: Original Degrees (All of them) with their front and back photocopies. Photocopy of CNIC.

1. Go to the Foreign Office and buy tickets from the GPO that is at the back side of Foreign Ministry.
2. Paste the ticket at the back of your degree. You need following tickets

  •  25 PKR ticket for BSc degree or higher
  •  25 PKR ticket for Transcript
  •  10 PKR ticket for SSC Certificate
  •  10 PKR ticket for HSSC Certificate

3. Submit the photocopies at the token counter and get the token.
4. Wait for your turn. And when your token number is called proceed towards respective Window
and submit your documents, should take about half an hour.


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