Important things to carry with you while travelling to Austria

 Important things to carry with you while travelling to Austria.

Important things to carry with you while travelling to Austria

*Kindly read whole document carefully.
*you can add or exclude things according to your requirement.

Checklist of things to Purchase from PAKISTAN

Important Points:
Go to the market with planning and keep this list with you while shopping. Check the allowed weight of luggage from your airline before having things (20 or 25 or 33Kg & 7Kg Handbag). Try to have just 2 bags, 1 big (30Kg Max.capacity) and 1 shoulder/college bag .Be careful about your luggage, documents and money while traveling you can have theft chance at airports or Stations.
Try to come in Austria from Monday to Thursday as mostly people go on leave from Friday noon to Sunday night and nobody from university or hostel will help you on weekends. It is also better if you can reach here in day time (optional but not a big problem). Before coming here, you must have telephone numbers of concerned persons in your pocket and the person who have your room keys. You must tell him regarding your flight so that on arrival, you can get keys from him.

This is general list of things, but you can bring things according to your need and usage. In Austria everything is available but more expensive than in Pakistan.

Baggage information

This is very important thing while travelling to anywhere. Check allowed weight from your airline. Normally it is: one bag of 23 Kg, one hand carry up to 8 kg and one shoulder bag. Saudia Airlines offers weight up to 46 Kg (2*23 Kg) it is additional benefit. Please keep your laptop and all documents in your shoulder bag.

Dressing Items

Item                                                          Quantity
Jeans                                                                4
Shirts full sleeves (winter)                              4
T-Shirts Half sleeves (summer)                       4
Shalwar Kameez                                              2 Suits
Banyan (Vest)                                                  3-4
Inner (lagan)                                                    3
Underwear                                                         as required :)
*Jacket                                                             1(standard quality)

(*Having optional cap, not leather, not parachute, cotton but water proof & Wind breaker if possible, buy one which is really warm and good)

Hand Gloves                                                     1-2 (standard quality)
Head cap (for winter)                                        2 (standard quality)
Socks (Winter)                                                  4-6 (standard quality)
Joggers                                                              1 (standard quality)
Slipper for washroom use                                 1
Slipper(sandal for normal use)                          1
Towel                                                                 1
Leather Belt                                                       2
Rain Coat (Must)                                               1-2

Shaving Kits:
Razor Gillete Blue2                                           6 pieces
Shaving Cream                                                  1 (you can buy for 1€ here)
Body Spray                                                        2 (almost same cost as in pak)
Perfumes                                            1 (also same cost here you can find more vareity)
Tooth brushes                                                     2
Tooth paste                                                         1
Hair brush (Comb)                                             1
Nail cutter                                                          1

Prayer Kit:
Jay Namaz (for prayer)
Cap for Namaz, Taasbeeh etc                             2
Quran Sharif                                                       1

Personal Daily Use goods:
Bed Sheet                                                            2 (single bed)
Pillow cover                                                        2
Blanket / Wiiki Razai                             you can get here very cheap
Cup, Plate, Spoons & fork                                  1 each
Iron                                                                 not necessary
Leather Purse                                                      1-2
(capable to keep coins, so must have zip

College bag (standard quality)
(very important, very expensive here. It should be shoulder bag because u can put all stuff like food, water, books & Laptop optional, bcoz you will have to carry it in university at a time 2 must buy 1.
3, 4 Ball pen, Stapler, File cover, Punch

Communication Accessories:
Mobile phone having good battery timing (with charger and hands free).
Here GSM/UMTS networks exists, not CDMA. After coming here, take Vectone connection because almost all Pakistanis have Vectone mobile network.
Electricity Plug : 3 to 2 converter (for laptop or extension) 5 Min

Sports Kit:
Sports Shirts                                                       2
Joggers                                                               1 (also mentioned above)
Socks for Sports                                                 4

Cocking Masala:
Bari Elaichi                                 150 g
Choti Elaichi                               150 g
Pissa hara Dhania                      500 g
Garam Masala                            250 g
Haldi                                           500 g
Kali Mirch                                    250 g
Lal Mirch                                     2* 500 g
Dora Lal mirch                            500 g
Tea (Tapal , Lipton etc)               2* 500 g
Zeera                                          250 g
Shan Biryani Masala                  5 packet
Shan Korma Masala                  5 packet
Shan Chicken Masala                5 packet
Shan Mix Masala                       4 packet
Shan Chaat Misala                    2 packet
Dahi bhlly (Bundia)                    500 g
Nimko                                         500 g

Must learn how to cook chicken, vegetables, rice and daal. If u learn to make Chapattis then it will be also better

Cigrates, if u r a smoker, here 1 Packet is of 5Euro, very expensive but u can carry 2 packets (called dandy in Urdu) in airline

All Academic Documents/Degrees Original All Professional Documents
Admission Letter (keep in pocket as it is required on Airport) ++ Air Ticket
International Driving License (must have NOC of driving license attested from MOFA)
Insurance Documents
Your passport size pictures in different sizes (make 6 sets), especially for Visa becoz after arrival in Austria, u need this for Visa extension. Must here it is13Euro.

*** All these mentioned documents must be in your shoulder bag with laptop because laptop bag is not counted in your weight.

You can add more things as required. According to your luggage capacity you can make changes.

Bring some medicines like Panadol, Paracetamol, Augmenton, Flagel, Calpol, Cough syrup, Gestofil Tablets(for indigestion, v imp, or Phakki etc) etc

Read for your general information regarding travelling: --à forms and publicaitons ---à customs ----àdownload baggage rules Optional


(Study and Life in Austria for Pakistani Students and Community)


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